Κωδικός 200.040.067ORANGE
Κατηγορία Γυαλάκια Παιδικά
Εταιρεία SPEEDO
αρχική τιμή / 19,00 (έκπτωση 10%)
Προσθήκη στο καλάθι

For a clearer view in the water
Great for lane swimming or trips to the pool, the new Mariner Supreme Mirror Junior goggle offers a comfortable and secure fit for younger swimmers in any situation. An adjustable nose bridge and a wide seal and strap means you can tailor the fit to your face shape, while a new lens design provides excellent underwater vision. The mirrored lenses also reduce brightness and glare, so you can concentrate on enjoying your swim. Suitable for juniors aged 6-14.

Features & Benefits
Wide seal and strap for great comfort and fit
Adjustable nose bridge to fit a range of face shapes
Mirror lenses for reduced brightness and glare, ideal for racing and outdoor swimming
Anti fog coated lens with 100% UV Protection

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