Κωδικός 200.040.032PURPLE
Κατηγορία Γυαλάκια Αγωνιστικά
Εταιρεία SPEEDO
αρχική τιμή / 54,00 (έκπτωση 10%)
Προσθήκη στο καλάθι

Engineered for maximum speed when racing and training
Designed for the world’s top athletes, the Fastskin Elite Mirror goggle is perfectly engineered for racing and training. Its low-profile, hydrodynamic design minimises drag for maximum speed through the water, while Speedo’s most advanced goggle technology ever, IQfit™, ensures a leak-free, secure fit and reduced marks around the eyes.

Features & Benefits:
IQfit™ goggle strap with patented tensioning scale for a unique and personal fit
Hydroscopic lens profile for maximum peripheral vision with minimum head movement
Fit point markers for precise alignment of Fastskin goggle and cap by touch before a race
Interchangeable nose bridges for an individual fit
Mirror lenses for reduced brightness and glare, ideal for racing & outdoor swimming
Fully approved by FINA

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