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Developed by swimmers for swimmers
Worn by Florent Manaudou, 3 x Olympic medallist, the Fastskin LZR Racer X Jammer is built for your fastest swims. Featuring increased zonal compression through the use of 2 unique fabrics, this jammer still allows for excellent freedom of movement in the water. Support seams hold you higher, making you feel your fastest, while ultra sonically bonded seams placed in key areas promote better body positioning and increased muscular awareness.

Features & Benefits
Made with 2 unique fabrics that provide intense targeted muscular compression while still allowing for excellent freedom of movement through every stroke Ultra sonically bonded seams have been specifically placed to improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness

Microfibre and silicone strips guarantee a soft yet secure waistband
Anti-friction cord technology ensures the cord offers even tension and remains secure
Improved finishes and components ensure a better fit, while its unique tape design guarantees you’ll stand out on the blocks
The regular waist jammer style offers greater flexibility and may be preferred by breast stroke and IM swimmers. However, waist height comes down to personal preference
FINA approved


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