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The Powerskin Carbon Ultra incorporates a new level of support and movement management with an internal structure inside the suit. This is the ULTRA LINK SYSTEM, designed to optimise the body physiology. By providing targeted compression zones, it further supports and streamlines your body to reduce turbulence and drag.
The Powerskin Carbon Ultra delivers intelligent compression and anatomical support without limiting your freedom of movement. This is achieved by incorporating the X-PIVOT feature.
The INFINITY LOOP feature of the Powerskin Carbon Ultra is designed using a deep knowledge of the key muscle chains that help you to hold a streamlined body position.
The ULTRA COMPRESSION PANELS are designed to work with the ULTRA CAGE fabric to deliver targeted areas of additional compression on the inside of the suit. The ULTRA CAGE fabric contains three times more carbon than before and the fabric is woven more tightly. This means it is able to more accurately conform to your shape, distributing pressure to streamline your body.

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